Airport Transportation, Travel Tips, Things to know before you get to the airport

Heading out of town can be somewhat stressful. We are here to make your departure and return hassle free.  Over the years of transporting clients to and from Metro Detroit and Flint airports, and being avid travelers ourselves, we have learned some things regarding travel. Listed below are some tips on how to make your travel easy peasy.

  1. Roll clothing verses folding, you will have less wrinkles and be able to fit more in your luggage.  
  2. Always carry zip lock baggies in your carry on or purse.
  3. Place all cosmetics or toiletries in zip lock baggies. This will prevent spills from being less messy, as you travel to and from the airports.
  4. Only take 1/3 of what you planned to pack ..”Just in case” is usually not needed.

This is not an exhaustive list but these tips are helpful in making your trip and travel more enjoyable.

Please remember to give Acqua Blu a call if you are making plans to travel to Metro Detroit Airport or Flint Bishop Airport. We are honored to have the opportunity to service you with your transportation needs.